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How to Export a Receipt Archive

From the Export receipts page, you may create a .zip archive of receipts attached to settled cardholder transactions and store it locally for audit, tax, or other purposes. The .zip archive will contain a receipt.txt file with a summary of all the receipts included, as well as a JPEG or PDF for each receipt.

Receipt filenames follow a convention that starts with the cardholder first and last name and also includes the transaction receipt id, amount and merchant name, as shown here:


Receipt activity is limited to 3 months per report. For data older than twelve (12) months, contact Client Services at 1-866-685-1898, option 3.

  1. Click: "Export" tab
  2. Click: File cabinet button or the Export receipts tab
  3. Select the start date and the end date, or you can select the following quick set time parameters listed below (Today, This month, Last month, Since this time last month)
  4. Select the status of the receipts to include in the archive. By default, all receipts attached to settled transactions in the selected date range will be included. To select specific statuses, hold the <Ctrl> key on your keyboard (or <command> on Macs) and click on the status name with your mouse.
  5. Click: Generate archive
  6. Click: Receipt queue tab
  7. Select the download icon to the left of the correct row in the Completed archives table
  8. Once you have retrieved the archive, you can delete it from the list by clicking on the X to the right of the line item. Files will be removed from the list on the expiration date.

To download the archive, go to the Receipt queue page.  The archive will have a filename that contains PEXreceipts and the date range of the export, as shown here: