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How To Manage Cards from the Search Window

On the PEX website, admins can manage multiple cards to quickly locate, block, fund & defund cards, change status, assign or edit groups & rulesets for one or more cards.

How to navigate to the Search page

  1. Click the "Cards" tab
  2. Click the "Search" subtab
  3. Select search parameters from the drop down menus and type the relevant details in the blank field
  4. To add or remove filter choices, click the + or x.
  5. To see the results, click the search button

Please note that accounts with less than 500 cards (including open and closed cards) may choose "Search" from the blue subtab.  Accounts with 500 or more cards default to the "Search" subtab after login

In the following example, we chose to view all cards in the group labeled Adult Ministry

Place a check mark next to cardholders that should receive the same action, then choose the action (e.g change status or assign group etc).  If you check all of the cards in the list, they will all receive the update.

Please note that while changes are immediately confirmed onscreen, it may take one or two minutes to see updates on the cards.

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