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Compromised Card Notice

Visa and Mastercard monitor all cards and take proactive steps every day to safeguard their portfolios. Both periodically send PEX lists of cards that they have reason to believe have been compromised and may be used for fraudulent transactions.

Generally, if a card appears on a compromised list and has not been loaded or used in the last 90 days it will be closed 5 days after you receive notice – but you have the option to call PEX and ask that the card be reissued instead.  If a card has been used, a new card will be issued immediately and the old card will be closed 1) upon activation of the new card or 2) in 30 days, whichever comes first.

Please monitor your email so that you are aware of action being taken on your card accounts and can notify PEX, when necessary, to avoid any inconvenience to your cardholders.