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How to Replace a Damaged Card

There are times when you may need to replace a card for an existing cardholder. If the cardholder contacted you about a damaged card, you should ask them to call PEX Cardholder Support immediately at 1-866-685-0898 to request a replacement card.

If they are unable to reach PEX Cardholder Support you can also reach out to PEX Client Services, and ask for the card be replaced. Note: You will not be able to replace a damaged card from the Administrator site.

To request a replacement card via PEX Client Services:

  1. Send a request to
  2. Include the cardholder's name, last four (4) digits only of the card number (click the little drop down icon next to the cardholder's name to see 4 digits), reason for replacement, address card should be shipped to and delivery method
  3. Delivery Options
         • First Class Mail (10 - 15 business days) - Free
         • Expedited (up to 4 business days via UPS) - $35
         • Rush (up to 3 business days) - $45
  4. You will receive confirmation from Client Services that the replacement card(s) have been processed, and scheduled to be shipped
  5. The current card will remain active, and can still be used. Once you receive the replacement card(s) you must go on to the Administrator Site and activate them

You may find this article useful when you need to activate the replacement cards. How to Activate Replacement Cards.