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How to Fund by Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is the fastest way to fund your PEX account.  Wire receipt times vary, depending on your bank's process (e.g. less than 30 minutes or more than 1 hour).  Wires are posted 8AM to 5PM ET Monday - Friday.  Wires received after 5PM will be posted the next business day.  Your bank may charge for this service.  PEX will not charge you a fee for this transfer.

Note: To avoid posting delays or wire returns, please review the following:

  • PEX is unable to accept wires from third-party bank accounts
  • Third-parties are:
    • Other companies owned by the owner of your company
    • Your company's vendors or customers
    • Subsidiary or parent accounts of your company
    • Personal bank accounts
  • Wires sent from third-parties will be returned to the sender
    • The turnaround time may exceed one hour
  • PEX will post wires showing the exact business name as the PEX business account or its registered DBA
  • If PEX does not have your DBA document on file, we will request it then post the wire
  • PEX is unable to pinpoint the hour a wire will be received, however they are posted within a few minutes of receipt

  1. Click:  Transfers tab
  2. Click:  Wire Instructions
  3. Provide your bank the information listed on-screen
  4. Ensure your bank does not send the wire with your name or associated 3rd party as the sender
  5. Visit the Administrator Site to verify funds are available in your PEX account
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