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How to Terminate Multiple Cards

Terminating (closing) cards in a batch is quick and convenient and will be reflected as closed on the Administrator Site. Once the cards are closed, they can not be reactivated. New cards for those cardholders must be ordered.

  1. Skip this step if your view already defaults to the "Search" screen otherwise, click "Search" on the upper blue bar
  2. Click: "Search by" drop down, and select "Status"
  3. If you are terminating "Active" cards, click green "Search" button to the right. If closing "Blocked" cards, click "Active" drop down and select "Blocked" then click "Search" button
  4. Check the boxes to the left of names of cards you would like to close
  5. Click: "Change Status" button above
  6. Select "Close"
  7. Click: "Change" button

Note: Batch card edits are scheduled.  Although they're instantly acknowledged onscreen, it may take a few moments to see the updates

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