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How to Fund Multiple PEX Cards at the Same Time

PEX provides functionality that allows you to quickly fund multiple cards.

  1. Skip this step if your view already defaults to the "Search" screen, otherwise click "Search" on the upper blue bar
  2. Click: Search by drop down, and select "Status"
  3. Click: Green "Search" button to the right
  4. Check the boxes to the left of names of Cards you would like to fund
  5. Enter fund amount in empty box next to "Add to all." All selected cards will be funded with that amount
  6. Click: "Add to all" button
  7. Click: Green "Submit" button
  8. The funds will be added to the cards, and removed from your main PEX account

You may find this article useful when you need to defund or remove funding from multiple PEX Business Prepaid cards: How to Defund Multiple Cards

You can also use the search functionality to find multiple cards to fund or remove funding from. Please see How to Search Cards