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How to Activate a Replacement Card

When a card is replaced due to damage or cardholder name change, the old card will remain active until you activate the replacement card.  The original card is instantly and irreversibly deactivated as soon as the new card is activated.  For this reason, we recommend card activation occur only after the new card is delivered and ready for use.  In this example, the 16 digit card number is identical to the original.  This type of card activation can only be done from the Admin Site.  It cannot be completed from the mobile app.

  1. Click: Card List or Search
  2. Locate cardholder's name
  3. Click: Icon to the left of the cardholder's name and see multiple cards listed. The new card will show "Inactive"
  4. Change: "Inactive" card status to "Active"
  5. Once the replacement card is activated, the old card will automatically be terminated



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