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What is the Reason for Card Declines

Below is a list of the most common reasons for declines.  Transaction decline reasons are listed on the cardholder's Decline tab on the Admin Site.

  • There is a spend rule block.
  • The card is not in Active status.
  • The card has an insufficient available balance.
  • The card has reached its daily spend limit.
  • The card's expiration date was manually entered incorrectly.
  • The cardholder is attempting to spend at an unauthorized merchant.
  • The merchant does not accept prepaid debit cards.
  • The cardholder is attempting to spend at a non-US based merchant.
  • The cardholder selected DEBIT at the point of sale, but there is no PIN assigned to the card.
  • The merchant's system automatically processes transactions as PIN required and there is no PIN set on the card.
  • The cardholder attempted to access cash via ATM, financial institution or merchant.
  • The Zip Code entered does not match the card profile.
  • Gas pump purchase - PEX authorizes and holds $49 for gas pump purchases.  The merchant can hold up to $120.00, which may cause insufficient funds decline.

To view card decline details, follow the steps below:

  1. Click: Cards
  2. Click: Card List or Card Search 
  3. Locate: Cardholder's name then view his/her record
  4. Click: "Declines" and view description
  5. Click: On the description to see transaction details



If the cardholder reported to you that the transaction was declined but you do not see it in the decline section, the reasons could be:

  • The cardholder entered the 3-digit number on the back of the card (CVV2/CVC2) incorrectly during an online purchase.
  • The card was approved for a partial amount of the transaction total which would be equal to the card account available balance.  Check the transactions tab to see if there is a pending transaction for the merchant in question.
  • The merchant does not accept prepaid debit cards.

You may find this article useful to better understand the reason for holds and how they are handled.  "What is the Reason for a Hold."