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Card Statuses: Inactive, Active, Blocked and Closed

As the administrator, you can change the card status to Active and Block. Below is a description of every card status, including those used by PEX Client Services.

Open cards:

  • Inactive: All new Cards are Inactive, which means they can't be used. New cardholders are instructed to call their Business Administrator to activate the Card. For more information on card activation, refer to How to Activate a New Card
  • Active: Cards in this state can be used to make purchases. Remember to fund the Cards, cardholders can't spend without money.
  • Blocked: You may want to turn off a Card when the cardholder is on vacation or taking a leave of absence. While in this state, cards cannot be used for purchases, however the Card balance and settings will be preserved. When the cardholder returns, you can change the Card status back to Active. For more information on blocking cards, refer to How to Block a Card

Closed cards: