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What is a PEX "Merchant Category"

We have organized the Merchant Category Codes (MCC) established by Visa® and MasterCard® into larger groupings based upon merchant or service type. Below is the list of categories with examples of merchant types for each (this is not an exhaustive merchant listing).

  • Associations/Organizations: Religious and political groups, government and court payments
  • Automotive Dealers: Car dealerships, recreational vehicles and farm equipment
  • Educational Services: Colleges as well as business, trade and grammar schools
  • Entertainment: Movies, golf, amusement parks, bowling and membership clubs
  • Fuel pumps: “Pay at the pump” at gas stations
  • Gas stations & convenience stores: Gas station stores and other convenience stores
  • Grocery Stores: Food, bakeries, candy
  • Hardware stores: Hardware, building supplies, constructions materials, paint stores, industrial equipment
  • Healthcare/Childcare Services: Doctors, dentists, hospitals, medical services, elder and child care
  • Professional Service: Contractors, utilities, cleaning service, printing, couriers, exterminators, repair shops and legal services
  • Restaurants: Fast food and sit-down restaurants
  • Retail Stores: Books, clothing, department stores and office supplies
  • Travel/Transportation: Hotels, rental car agencies, tolls, buses, railroads, taxis and airlines

You can view the Visa Merchant Category Codes in the category by clicking on the category name.

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Custom Merchant Categories are also available with selected plans. Please see "Managing Custom Merchant Categories".