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How to Run Reports

Admins are able to log onto the Administrator Site to run a variety of reports. The reporting tool can be used to generate cardholder activity, cardholder status and business account activity reports. Reports on transaction activity are limited to 3 months worth of activity per report or 25,000 records. For data older than 12 months, contact Client Services at 1-866-685-1898, option 3.

  1. Click: "Reports" tab above
  2. Select "Run now" radio button to run a report now, or select "Schedule" radio button to schedule a report to be run at a specific time (follow steps to schedule the report)
  3. Click on the "Report type" drop down to select any of the report types listed below
  4. Select the start date and the end date, or you can select the following quick set time parameters listed below (Today, This month, Last month, Since this time last month)
  5. Click "Generate HTML" to see report details, and print the report, or click "Generate CSV" to download the report into a CSV format
  6. Click on the "Report queue" tab to see scheduled and completed reports

Customizing Reports

  1. You can customize the columns shown on the HTML report by clicking the column icon () on the top right of the screen and choosing which columns to display

Report Types


  • Spend by card - List transactions grouped by card
  • Spend by category - List transactions grouped by spend category
  • Spend by group - List all transactions by cardholder group
  • Spend by transaction - List all transactions by date
  • Settlement detail - List all transactions by date
  • Authorized amount vs settled amount - Compare authorization amount and final settlement amount for all transactions


  • Authorization detail - List all card-authorization transactions by date
  • Declined authorizations - List all card-declined transactions by date
  • Expired authorizations - Authorizations that expired without being settled
  • Outstanding authorizations - Authorizations that have not yet been settled


  • Business account funding transactions - List all business account fund transactions by date
  • Card funding transactions - List all card funding transactions by date


  • Cardholder available balance - List all cardholders and their available balance and status

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