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Managing Custom Merchant Categories

Custom merchant categories are currently available with selected plans. A custom merchant category allows one to manage a group of merchant categories as part of a spend rule. Common uses of custom merchant categories include creating a group for just airlines, or just car rental companies. The PEX Travel & Transportation built-in category currently includes both airlines and car rental companies.

When using custom merchant categories, one may run into a scenario where the same Visa merchant category code is in two merchant categories selected for a cardholder Spend rule or in a Spending ruleset. For example, if you create a custom merchant category that includes 7523 Automobile Parking Lots and Garages, 4784 Tolls, Road and Bridge Fees and 5542 Automated Fuel Dispensers and also select the PEX merchant category called Travel, the three codes in the custom merchant category would be duplicated.

This will not cause a problem with cardholder spending. However, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • When you enable two separate merchant categories that contain one or more of the same MCCs, a warning message will appear advising that this can create conflicts.  
  • The lower max purchase limit will be applied when there is more than one Max purchase limit that is associated with an MCC.
  • The cardholder will be not be limited to the merchants included in the custom merchant category, but will have access to all merchants included in both categories.

For more information on Merchant Categories, navigate to "What is a PEX Merchant Category".