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Deleting a Custom Merchant Category

Custom merchant categories are currently available with selected plans.

  • Start by selecting “Merchant categories” on the right hand side of the Cards tab in the Admin portal. Any existing custom categories will be listed along with the number of cardholders who are assigned that category and a description.


  • Only the Admin who originally created the custom merchant category can delete it. Categories you cannot delete are indicated with a lock.
  • PEX merchant categories cannot be deleted.
  • To delete a category you created, click on the X at the end of the row.
  • If the category is assigned to cards, the system will provide a warning.  You can cancel or proceed with deleting the category.  Spending rulesets and cardholder spend rules that had this category are updated in real-time.
  • The deleted category will no longer be listed in the Merchant category tab, as an option for spending rulesets or under cardholder Spend rules.