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Creating a Custom Merchant Category

Custom merchant categories are currently available with selected plans.

  • Start by selecting “Merchant categories” on the right hand side of the Cards tab in the Admin portal. Any existing custom categories will be listed along with the description and the number of cardholders who are assigned that category.

  • Click the Create new category button.
  • You’ll be directed to the Create custom category page to select one of the following options:
    • New empty category:  starting from scratch,  add the Visa MCCs that you want to include
    • New category based on existing category:  this allows you to start with one of PEX’s 13 existing standard merchant categories and add or remove Visa MCCs to suit your needs.

  • You’ll also be asked to name your new merchant category and provide a description.  The name of the new category needs to be unique - you cannot duplicate names.
  • On the next screen add or remove Visa MCCs by selecting an item in a box, clicking the highlighted arrow to move the item to the adjacent box and click the “Create category” button.   Your selection on the last screen will determine if you start with an empty “MCCs in this category” box (New empty category) or if its pre-populated with MCCs (New category based on existing category).

  • Once you have created a merchant category, it will appear as a selection on the Create a new spending ruleset page and you can also enable it in any individual cardholder profile using the Spend rules tab.


  • Only the Admin who originally created the custom merchant category can delete or edit it
  • Merchant categories that are assigned cards CAN be deleted.  The system will provide a warning if the category is assigned to one or more cards.
  • MCC overlap will result in a warning message.  When you enable two separate merchant categories that contain one or more of the same MCCs, a warning message will appear advising that this can create conflicts.