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How to Review Transactions with Receipts, Notes, or Tags

We have added the ability to attach a receipt file to transactions in the administrator and cardholder websites and mobile apps. You can attach a receipt in the transaction history view for a cardholder.

Admins can review all receipts that have recently been attached to transactions. This new "Review receipts" page can be found in the Account section of the admin website ( Listed on this page you will find all unreviewed receipts. For each receipt one can view the receipt image and the corresponding transaction details and notes. If you see the message 'No transactions found', there are no new receipts to review.

Validate each receipt submitted by cardholders and administrators by comparing them to the transaction details. To complete the review of a receipt, assign one of the following statuses by clicking the appropriate button.

Approve: The receipt attached matches the transaction details. Cardholder cannot replace or delete receipt. Approved status is indicated by a green icon in the transaction history.

Reject:  The receipt does not match the transaction. Contact the cardholder to have them attach the correct receipt. Once a new receipt is attached, the status will change from “Rejected” to “Not reviewed”. Rejected status is indicated by a red icon in the transaction history.

Ignore:  If, for any reason, "Approve" or "Reject" are unsuitable for the receipt, choose this status. The transaction will stop appearing on the review page until a new receipt is attached.

Once a status has been assigned, the receipt will be considered as reviewed. It will no longer appear on the "Review receipts" page - unless someone updates the receipt image for that transaction.

Administrators can replace or delete receipts in any status. However, cardholders are NOT able to modify a receipt after it has been approved by an administrator.