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How to Attach a Receipt

The PEX platform allows cardholders and admins to attach a receipt file directly to a merchant transaction.

The system will verify a few things when uploading a file:

  • The format is a supported format
  • The file does not include any malware or viruses
  • It is not corrupted
  • The size is less than 10 MB

Admins and cardholders can attach a receipt to the cardholder transaction from the mobile apps or the websites.

Uploading via the PEX mobile app

First, download the PEX mobile app to your device. PEX for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store. PEX for Android is available via the Play Store.

File formats supported: .PNG, .JPG

Option #1

  • Open the PEX app and login to your account
  • Navigate to the cardholder transaction list
  • Click on the correct merchant transaction for the receipt
  • Click the "Add Receipt" button. On Android this is a green plus. On iOS, this is an icon of a receipt
  • Select the way you want to attach the receipt:
    • Take a photo with the camera
    • Find an image in your phone's photo gallery
  • You can crop or rotate the image prior to uploading

Option #2

(Note: Choose this option if your phone is not connected to the internet at time of receipt capture)

  • Photograph your receipt with your device’s camera
  • Save your image in the “PEX Folder”
  • Open the PEX app and login
  • Navigate to the “Receipts” gallery tab
  • Receipts saved in the “PEX Folder” from your camera will appear here, from latest to oldest (except for receipts that have already been associated with a transaction)
  • Attach the receipt to a transaction
    The only transactions that appear are: transactions without receipts, and transactions with a receipt where the status is “Rejected”

Uploading via the PEX website(s)

Note: this option is available for both admins and cardholders.

File formats supported: .PNG, .JPG, .PDF

  • Navigate to the cardholder transaction list
  • You will notice a column titled ‘Receipt’

  • Click on the upload icon to select the receipt image from your local machine. Or, browser permitting, you can drag the receipt file to the transaction
  • You can crop, zoom and rotate the image prior to uploading

Receipts can not be attached to funding transactions.