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Working with Cardholder Groups

Cardholder groups are only available with selected plans.

As an admin, you can create cardholder groups to help you manage your cardholders. Cardholder groups can be specified when a card order is created, or at anytime thereafter via the card list screen.

Setting the cardholder group when placing a card order

  1. Create a Card Order by navigating to the "Create a new card order" tab
  2. Enter shipping and billing information
  3. On the screen titled "Now add some card accounts to this order", you can specify the group for each card account in the column titled "Group".
  4. Click the drop down to choose an existing group or choose "Create new..." to create a new group.

Setting the cardholder group for existing cardholder accounts

  1. Navigate to the "Card list" page
  2. In the column titled "Group", you can use the drop down to specify the group for each card account.
  3. To create a new group, choose "Create new..." from the group options.

Viewing cardholder group in reports

To retrieve the group name in reports, see How to Run Reports.